Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Way of Parmenides

It is vital to say and to think, this which is;
Being is to being what it is, but nothing just is.
For thoughts and actions it is equal?
The thought and the thought, that one that is,
Direct them; for being independently finds the thoughts not of, but are,
Of the information related, to the one that is real.

This thing, governs whenever it is not is.
Therefore, take this; Is, it could not have had, it enters being
Because nothing comes from nothing.
Nor it in the past was aleatory, neither continuous it was,
From what time is each possibility, one;
So that which it is of the will observed inside it?
Of what method of this, it was released?

No other is one of it, about which the assets of the true characteristic
Of the calculations you finish to say it or to think it;
For it that it is does not say to one that it will say
Or is given credit to or for, this one is not.
And that this necessity that exerts pressure would know more,
So that is or makes soon is, if to begin everything?

Therefore it must in all that it is be.
And being is everything with being, where it must begin;
For still is here restitution not updated.
Which exists, the time-being, with a characteristic it only continues?
It is located and… Nor it is divisible,
Is the very similar one; still it gives immediately
Or the more novel in it is work, in a position that is berthed,

But everything is together complete, of that the nature that be must be
And this principal has possibilities that
It would, that it would be, that it would not be, that what it would be would come to be,
That is, this did not announce the calculations of components.
That which it is that comes to be and be thereafter,
Ending of being and its part, it comes to be
And its part was ending, being.

The fact that indicates being is stopped of the possibility of being, only probability,
Not feeling in being or that, does not exist to be stopped being.
They are ways of the duty to be, if to say or to have thoughts is
They can: they must exist.
The truth, nothingness cannot be indicated.
It is declared that being is in three ways: either and or, neither and nor, or and.

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