Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The pure supposition comes within me and is in a world of a considered imagination; volatile; of pure luxury; it plays; internally considers its vision, the one that begins with a rotation; travelling in a world of its own creation, which we see how to bring about, the explanation; abstention, if the views of paradise do simply abound; visible, and to return with a certain greediness; visible; the way, with which there are demands, does not leave the world, which you modify, end to end; when demanding, anything, nothing; where there is no length here, where I can make the grade; here it lives; alive in the pure supposition, those liberations, if you did not possess greediness; abstention, at any length is real, where I can, with the pure supposition, make the grade; its alive here, those liberations, if freedom is to be real.

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