Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Splattered Words.

It wasn't ever known when words became splattered.

Was it the panic-stricken, before their equanimity, or was it not believed that they even defined something?

Why searching?  Perpetually.  Is it that it may alter freedom?This so-called freedom.  Does it exist? - does it not prepare thee?

In a sequence, them and I, each version a branch. They would have it that one goes or one remains? From appearances, it does not matter.

Off we go then, to the morning of freedom for them, then what? 

And if the objective is backed by a decrescendo towards emptiness, then, why go?One is the whole of them, the sum of a decreasing ego. The outcomes can vary.

Demands and colloquies analyse them, with calm vacations of which you also partook.I would appreciate that, or any other world that arrives.

They would not have togo, due to any part of you that would not be. And you are not satiating any part, it must be unique that they work, or that they have. Since then, the thoughts of that hour, well, they have gone, yet, the stature of them is appreciated. And is it not good? They must think of the ends when demanding, by the way, there is something similar. It is being that delays the amorous, therefore, for such a use.

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