Thursday, January 15, 2009

Idle questions?

I don’t promise to offer any insights or to enrich your life, I’ll just raise some questions which I have myself, our answers all vary, I am not a teacher and will not dictate my thoughts upon you, make up your own minds. All questions are welcomed but so too can they become a punishment. I devour this custom of setting the questions and as a reader I am tired of hearing other’s answers. I doubt that this is what it the case for others, it has become so for me, with the more time that passes, in the beginning of any chain of events, worse still, it makes my mouth bitter, knowing that many logical and sensible things which have been said in a lifetime, anyone’s life, and that in the end these sentiments will vanish, and lose importance. The questions will still have to be asked and answered but what someone might have already said will be ignored. Does that mean that the chanting of kids in the playground is less important when you fail to go past a school, or even go to school yourself, I’m sure you all remember something of this time, or does it continue to exist without the memory, without the reminder of it daily, if ever, is it still there? Does it help not to think about these other situations, not so distant, but forgotten, does it serve as a tool for helping you communicate? Can we simply apply this to a natural law, a mere consequence of life, which had no conscience, had no birth, but just existed in the same way that the fish exist in the seas, evolving that way, outwith our control. And are we absent of worry or do we seek a reason that we breathe, why, is it to help control the biosphere, regulating oxygen levels in the air, like the trees, but we have just become too many and have tipped the balance, not helped by our culling of forests? Where are we going and for how long shall we go there? Are these all idle questions? I am certain they are, as you no doubt agree, but you will have your own, and you should think of them from time to time, because perhaps they are not without reason, because if I’m around when that last forest is standing and the scales have hit the ground on man’s side, I will embrace the forest, I will cry because all those men tipping the scale will never witness my beloved forest again. That is why there is this story, to remember the experience, to share it, to hold each of the words so that they may be protected and be enjoyed by others while they still exist.

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