Thursday, January 15, 2009

A false memory! Perhaps, a dream.

An expanse of vivid blue blanketing the sky above a quaint house tucked into the high hedges of its vast garden, sheltered by the rich foliage, a canopy of trees to the back of the house, expanding into a forest, and ushering in a cool breeze and soft rustlings of the leaves. Everything is tranquil, not a sound other than the pleasing whispers of nature in my ear; a picture perfect portrait of nature, relaxing in the mid-afternoon, enjoying its midday nap. The frame suddenly jerks from its wall hanging, and the blue surges off toward the horizon, replaced by a shroud of ominous grey, an assembly of menacing clouds. A sudden warning, then the heavens open up and a heavy rumble is heard in the distance, the rains start gushing down, colliding with the dry earth, a firm gust picks up carrying with it a rich fragrance, of the hot, dry earth becoming wet. Elm, oak and mahogany, drenched through, leaves dripping, green, and wafting away are the smells of berries. Majestically, a proud lark in the yard, with some rapid flaps, dries off its plumage and soars up into the canopy of trees, seeking its refuge and displaying its beauty. Another brief moment and the showers subdue, silence replaces the roar of the skies, and then comes the first twitter of the birds, slowly building towards a crescendo…the shimmering of the leaves and the lingering aroma...

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